Thank you for supporting the Pediatric Cancer Awareness Blood Drive!

Last month was Pediatric Cancer Awareness month, and we talked a lot about the challenges families face when a child gets sick. It’s just a heart-wrenching battle for everyone involved. After hearing all these stories from families right here in East Texas, our team decided we had to do more than just share awareness information.

So we asked ourselves: What can we do to really help? What can we do that would have a real impact in our community? That’s why we partnered with Carter Blood Care to host the Pediatric Cancer Awareness Blood Drive. To honor and support all of our local pediatric cancer warriors, we asked friends, family, patients, and neighbors in Tyler TX to show up, to donate blood, and to get the word out.

Together, this community pulled together and donated 22 units — which will save up to 66 children right here in East Texas. Thank you for your support!

Why This Cause Is So Important to Dr. Reuland:

As a mother who’s been through a scary time with a kid who needed treatment, this cause strikes a cord with me on a personal level.  About five years ago, when my son was just 10 years old, we were told he had a brain tumor — and it absolutely turned our world upside down. I understand how scary it can be for the whole family when a kid is sick, and I will forever be grateful that this incredible community rallied around us during our time of need.

As a part of the Tyler community, we always want to do what we can to help. I’m so proud of this team and all of our friends and neighbors who pulled together to support children in need this October.

Thank you, again, to everyone who showed up to donate and support the Pediatric Cancer Awareness Blood Drive!

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