We get it! Wearing your rubber bands isn’t the most exciting part of the journey to your new smile, but it’s essential! We can’t stress to you the importance of wearing your elastics as instructed, but we’re going to try! 

What Are Rubber Bands On Braces For?

Rubber bands, also known as elastics, are made of medical-grade latex, so they are entirely safe to be in your mouth. Rubber bands are used to apply steady force to certain areas of your mouth and are used in conjunction with your braces to help fix malocclusions such as underbites, overbites, crossbites, and open bites. 

Rubber bands come in all different shapes and sizes. This helps us create a tailor-made treatment that will fix whatever issue you might have! 

rbo elastichandout 8.5x11 RGB 01 1 scaled - Are Rubber Bands Really That Important? Yes!When you don’t wear your rubber bands as instructed, it’s noticeable! There are a few key things that tell us you aren’t wearing your rubber bands:

  • You can’t remember which teeth you’re supposed to wear your rubber bands on. 
  • Your bite looks exactly the same as it did last time! Even if you only wear them for a day or two before your appointment, we can still tell. The process takes time, and you can’t rush it! 
  • Do you know who always tells us the truth about your rubber band usage? YOUR MOM!  That’s right! Mom tells us the truth every time!

The Do’s & Don’ts of Rubber Bands:


  • Wear your rubber bands as instructed!
  • Bring extra rubber bands everywhere you go in case one breaks or gets lost! 
  • Call us if you are running low, or you forget how to put them on! 


  • Take your elastics off if your teeth are sore. You will get used to wearing them, and the soreness will go away! We promise! 
  • Double up on rubber bands or try to modify them to make them work faster! Too much pressure can cause a lot of harm and damage! 
  • Use any rubber bands other than what is given to you by us! We customize your treatment, and we use particular rubber bands! We’re always happy to provide you with more as needed! 

We know the most exciting part of getting braces is getting to see your new smile as soon as they come off! The fastest way to get through treatment is to do everything as prescribed by your doctor! Including wearing those rubber bands! 

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