You can say good-bye to the goop.

If you’ve had Clear Aligners in the past, you know that the quality of treatment is fantastic, but you also know what the fitting process is like: a tray packed with gooey stuff that you have to bite down on and hold for a while. Or until you choke a little bit. Travailing the process is worth it, though, because, in the end, you get a great smile through a great process.

But, what if we told you that you could get that great smile with Clear Aligners without that step. Would that interest you?

Well, it’s a reality. Our new iTero Scanner allows us to take a 3D impression of your teeth making it easy and comfortable to get started with orthodontic appliances. Because the iTero scanner scans your mouth, we don’t have to use the trays, and the goo, or, as one of our clients has said, “No more goo, no more gag!” But that’s not the only thing we want you to remember when you think about getting Clear Aligners with us. Not only will you never have to do the trays again, but the scans and digital impressions mean faster setups, fewer rejected impressions, and fewer fit issues for you. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

That sounds like a winner to us, and we think you will love it.

Itero Digital Scanner at LM Orthodontics - Meet the iTero Scanner

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