We have big news: We Are Now Officially Reuland & Barnhart Orthodontics!

A personal note from Dr. Reuland:

Working side by side with Dr. Barnhart for the last year has confirmed what I knew would be true — she’s the PERFECT fit for our practice. So I felt like now was the time to let families in East Texas know that Dr. Barnhart is committed to our community, and she’s here to stay! A year ago, I was excited at the opportunity to help her grow — and to be her mentor. But since then, I’ve found that, in many situations, she’s mine! Our combined training and love for orthodontics has made each of us better individual orthodontists.

This practice has always been about treating both our patients and our team like family! And Dr. Barnhart is my family — literally, she’s my niece! But truly independent of the fact that she’s related to me, if I was able to create the perfect business partner in a lab, I couldn’t have imagined a better fit for my practice. I admire Dr. Barnhart’s attention to detail. I trust fully in her expertise. And I’m so grateful she chose to create a future for her career in East Texas.

Behind the scenes with Dr. Barnhart:

I was actually a patient in this practice myself! Not only did I have Phase I and II braces, I was even in headgear. And what inspired me to become an orthodontist is the wonderful, personal experience I received from Dr. Reuland and her team. It was an incredible honor to come back where my passion for smiles began, and to work alongside someone who always puts others and her community before herself.  I am humbled to call Dr. Reuland both my colleague and my family.

Getting to interact with Dr. Reuland and our team makes being a part of this practice such a joy — every single day. Each of them is so supportive, and I have so much appreciation for the relationships they’ve built with each other and with our patients. It’s what truly makes this practice a family. What I admire the most about the team is their incredible work ethic. They go above and beyond to support each other and to give our patients and families the best possible care. They are truly one in a million, and I’m blessed to be part of such a wonderful team!

What does this mean for our patients?

You’ll have access to two doctors throughout your entire treatment. That means there are two highly trained professionals collaborating on every case. This helps us to maintain continuity of care, and it also adds an internal second opinion on challenging cases. So for our patients — you get two highly trained experts for the price of one!

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