12 days: That’s how long many people stick with a resolution.

That means, as you read this, you or someone you know has already given up on your resolution to read more, exercise every day, or eat better. Why? For one thing, life is hard. Stuff happens! For another, we humans have weird hang-ups that are baked into the way we think. Thanks a lot, brains! Another, possibly more important reason, is that we isolate ourselves from one another when our species is intensely social. Many times we fail because we aren’t sharing our commitments with other people or inviting others to try with us. Doing something with others increases the likelihood that we will succeed.

Grab some supportive friends!

That’s why we decided to work together and help keep each other on track. If you haven’t heard of Camp Gladiator, here’s a basic rundown: it’s an outdoor workout that people commit to doing for four weeks. The fitness instructors are Certified Personal Trainers, and they get your blood pumping and your lungs burning with full-body exercises. No two workouts are the same. We love their approach, so we brought in one of the trainers to lead a workout for the office. It was great to breathe some fresh air into our lungs and into our workout routine. We had a wonderful time working out together and supporting each other. If you ever get a chance to join a Camp Gladiator workout then you should. We think you’ll love this workout and getting to do it with people you know and love make it so much better.

Set yourself up for health success on top of it all!

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