Flexible Orthodontic Financing is something we are proud of!

When we to meet new patients, one of our favorite parts is where we get to envision the path forward for each new, beautiful smile. We never want money to be a roadblock to that shared vision, so we have done our very best to make financing as easy as possible.

Not only are we dedicated to making sure you’re comfortable with your orthodontic treatment plan, we want to make sure you and your family are just as comfortable with your financial plan. To make sure that happens we make everything easy, simple, straightforward, and flexible!

We begin by getting to know you, by listening to where you are and what you need, so we can work together toward what works best for you and your family with. Then you get to make your final decisions from the comfort of your own home with an interactive software that makes it easy for you to choose the payment plan that works for you. You get to select your down-payment amount and your monthly payment amount.

We’re grateful to be able to provide the best services while keeping everything on the table, so you can plan and trust that there are no surprise fees. We get to move forward toward that smile you’ve always wanted, and you also get the peace of mind that comes with having a feasible plan.

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