We See Our Patients as Opportunities to Make an Impact

I have always loved working with teens. It is the most enjoyable age for me. Teens are complicated, but if you just take a moment to get to know what’s on their mind they are a blast. Some days I really worry for our teens. They go through rough patches sometimes whether it’s at home or at school. I’ve decided to take somewhat of a proactive approach to this.

We care about where they’re headed.

We ask about it and we are always here to lend advice. I see every teen that comes into our office as an opportunity to influence them in a positive way for their education. And make sure that I’m an advocate for furthering education, but doing so in the right way. Doing so with strategy.

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We Started an Intern Program

I think that they see our offices, and they see the fun that we have. But they also see that we’re good at what we do. We love what we do. And they realize that we have created something special, and they could be a part of that too. We have implemented a really cool intern program here at our office where several teens, that have been interested in this career path, get an opportunity to come spend a summer with us and actually work for us. That’s been a lot of fun because we’ve been able to turn out some new dentists and some new orthodontists out of that process.

It’s About Being a Part of Their Story

We get a lot of patients from the past walk in our door. It is a joy to see how far they’ve come in life. So lovely to know that we were a small part of that. I am so proud of them and proud that I got to be part of their story. Because at Reuland & Barnhart Orthodontics we don’t want to just create great smiles for our patients we want to create a great life for our patients.

Braces or Invisalign? Let Us Know

You never know if you might end up being an intern to be a dentist or orthodontist. Get started with your first appointment at Reuland & Barnhart Orthodontics.

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