We know you’ve seen white spots on teeth after braces…

One of the worries a patient sometimes has when they are preparing to get braces is whether braces will cause white marks on their teeth. These white marks, known in the industry as decalcification, are a loss of calcium in the teeth. When you go to the dentist, it’s little white spots on your teeth that indicate a cavity might form. That’s not a good sign, especially when they form on the front of your teeth and also become a cosmetic concern for you. On the front of your teeth, though, it is a big deal to you. You don’t want to see that every time you smile.

How does decalcification happen?

First of all, the orthodontic treatment itself will not cause decalcification. In other words, braces don’t cause white marks. What causes white marks, and why some patients see them after their braces come off, are some choices that you can easily avoid while you’re in treatment. For instance, stay away from really sugary treats or acidic items. The bacteria that cause decalcification thrives on sugar. Also, the acid in carbonated drinks breaks down the enamel in your teeth which can provide an environment ripe for decalcification. You can also prevent this by doing some really basic things that everyone should be doing anyway like brushing after each meal, flossing every day, and going to your regular dental appointments with your dentist.

What happens if you get decalcification going in your teeth?!

In the past, there was little you could do apart from some very invasive treatment. We’re talking drilling it out like a cavity and filling it back in. No one wants that. But, there is a new treatment that we offer called “Icon” that repairs and reinforces the tooth enamel without having to drill and fill. This procedure requires no numbing agents and it doesn’t hurt. The best part is, if you have decalcification from your childhood or teenage years, we can repair that for you using this same procedure. We think that’s great news for people who have felt too self-conscious for too many years! 

Schedule an appointment with us today and let’s work together to get rid of those white marks so you can smile as big as you want to!

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