February’s big for love and hearts, and not just because of Valentine’s Day—it’s also American Heart Month. Learn how keeping your mouth healthy and your heart happy and getting your teeth straight with Clear Aligners can make a big difference.

Why Your Mouth Matters to Your Heart

Not everyone knows this, but the health of your mouth is super connected to the health of your heart. Studies have found that gum disease can up your chances of heart disease and other heart troubles. That’s because the bad bacteria from your gums can get into your blood and cause inflammation in your arteries, which is bad news for your heart.

How Clear Aligners Helps Your Heart

You might be wondering what Clear Aligners has to do with all this heart stuff. Well, it’s all about how fixing your teeth can make your mouth healthier:

Easy Cleaning

Since you can take Clear Aligners out, you can brush and floss like a pro. This cuts down on gum disease and cavities, which is great for your mouth and heart.

No More Crooked Teeth

Clear Aligners straightens your teeth, which means no more tight spots for bad bacteria to hide and mess with your gums.

Feeling Good

Looking good with straight teeth makes you feel good, too. When you’re feeling confident, you’re more likely to take care of your teeth and health, keeping both your smile and heart in top shape.

We’re Here for Your Health

Rueland and Barnhart Orthodontics aren’t just about giving you a great smile; we’re also about boosting your overall health. For American Heart Month, we’re reminding you to look after your teeth and gums as a big step toward a healthy heart.

We offer Clear Aligners and tips on keeping your mouth clean, so your smile stays bright and your heart strong.

Join Rueland and Barnhart for Heart Month

This February, let’s celebrate American Heart Month by remembering that a healthy smile is part of a healthy heart. We are ready to help you achieve both.

Book a visit with us today to start your journey to a healthier heart with Clear Aligners. Your heart (and your smile) will be glad you did!

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