At Reuland & Barnhart Orthodontics, we use braces and Invisalign to treat an overbite. So what is an overbite? If your top teeth are situated too far in front of the lower teeth when your jaw is at rest, you may have an overbite. While many patients ask us about correcting their overbite for cosmetic reasons, it can also cause a host of issues. Jaw pain and difficulty speaking are common side effects of an overbite left untreated.

What Causes an Overbite?

As with many bite and teeth misalignment issues, overbites are caused by how your body grows, particularly how your mouth forms due to your parent’s DNA. That probably isn’t the cause you wanted, but it shows that there isn’t a preventive measure you can take, only corrective. If you’re in the Tyler, TX, area, we want to help you with your overbite. We have extensive experience in correcting overbites and achieving a healthy body and a smile that our patients love.

How to Treat an Overbite

We provide great options for treating patients with malocclusions in the Tyler, TX, area. Traditional braces, the workhorse treatment of the orthodontic world, are a fine choice for dealing with malocclusion. You’ve probably seen people with an overjet treated with braces.

Invisalign is another great option. Invisalign is a clear aligner custom molded to your teeth, and it uses gentle pressure to adjust your tooth positions and your bite.

With both braces and Invisalign, we will use rubber bands to help correct your overbite. 

We also have another option called the motion appliance. This device is used specifically early in overbite treatment. It is used for six months before braces are applied. This appliance can be very effective with good compliance and with the proper use of rubber bands.

Types of Overbites

Medically speaking, an overbite is called malocclusion (from the Latin mal, which means “bad” or “badly” and occludere, which means “to shut”). A class 1 malocclusion is sometimes called a neutrocclusion because even with the front teeth too far forward, there is a sound bite, hence the “neutral” root in the name. A class 2 malocclusion, or distocclusion, is when a person’s teeth are too far forward, and there is a bite issue. People sometimes refer to this as having “buck teeth” or “overjet.” The good news is, both of these are highly treatable, and Reuland & Barnhart Orthodontics can provide that treatment.

Next Steps to Treat an Overbite

If you or your child has an overbite, the easiest way to find out the best treatment for your case is to meet with an orthodontist. At Reuland & Barnhart Orthodontics, we offer free consultations both in-office and online. During your consultation, you’ll find out the best treatment for your case, an estimation of how long treatment will take, and all the financing options we offer for orthodontic care.

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