A beautiful smile is about more than just appearances—it’s about a healthy lifestyle. We help teens get an early start on orthodontic treatment, providing then with more confidence and giving them every reason to smile now and later in life.

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Ensuring a lifetime of healthy smiles often requires some help along the way—that’s where braces come in!

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Why Treatment Matters

Treating orthodontic issues during the teenage years can help avoid more serious dental problems later in life. If teens’ teeth or jaws aren’t properly aligned, they may have difficulty biting and chewing food. This could cause the teeth to wear unevenly and lead to eventual tooth loss if the problem goes untreated. Ensuring straight teeth also makes it easier to keep them clean compared to crooked or crowded teeth, which are harder to reach.

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Treatment Options

We offer different options to make the orthodontics process as smooth as possible for you and your teen. Choices include either traditional metal or clear brackets. Plus, patients can choose to use colored, clear, or silver ligature ties with either type of bracket—the ties can be changed at every regular appointment. Some teens prefer clear or silver ties to minimize the appearance of braces.

Some Quick Facts

Do I Need A Referral?

Patients do not need a referral; however, we do require that they have had a regular cleaning and checkup with their general dentist within the last 6 months prior to beginning any active treatment.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

The amount of time a patient will be in orthodontic treatment depends upon the complexity of the individual case. The average treatment duration for a comprehensive treatment plan is anywhere from 18-24 months. The average treatment duration for an early treatment plan is anywhere from 12-16 months. Every case is different and treatment times can vary depending upon how the patient responds. New technology such as the space age wires, are decreasing the amount of time a patient will be in braces. The warm temperature in the mouth activates these wires. This ensures that a patient’s treatment time will be even more effective.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

Orthodontic fees depend on the complexity of the case, the age of the patient, the type of appliances used, and the estimated length of treatment. Since every case is different, a visit to our office for a complimentary examination will allow us to give you all the information in regards to treatment time and total cost. We offer several payment options, including an interest-free payment plan, to choose from.

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